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Outplacement Service

We can help you support your employees into a new career

At Route 1 we are more than just an outplacement service, we offer a career plan that will get the best for your staff through the transition period of job losses and redundancies.

Whether your business is responding to an economic downturn, a re-alignment of staff or a strategic business response these difficult decisions are fraught with legal and at times emotional decisions. We can provide a range of services that can be provided either in a group forum or a 1-2-1 basis to help people discover their new career path.

Our service gives your employees help and guidance that will allow them to search for a new career with confidence. You want them to have the best chance of securing a new position in a timely manner and our personalised structured plan will help them to outperform the vast majority of job-seekers they are up against.

Your staff will learn how to...

  • Create an effective CV that will generate interest and lead to interview requests
  • Discover routes to market
  • Improve their visibility in the market
  • Utilise job-boards
  • Work with recruitment agencies and in-house recruitment teams
  • Use social media for job-hunting
  • Prepare so they can perform well in various interview styles
  • Use proven strategies and tactics to further their career

I felt reassured I’d done the best for my workforce after our business circumstances changed

Mr Mitchell from a distribution business in Wakefield

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