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Outplacement Service

We can support you through this transition period from your current employment to your new career

At Route 1 we are more than just an outplacement service, we offer a career plan that will help you get the best for you moving forward.

Whether you’re being made redundant or losing your job it can be a difficult time trying to figure out the best ways to be seen by your future employer. We aim to help you negotiate the pitfalls of job searching and interview preparation, with techniques and constructive advice tailored to you.

Our service gives you help and guidance that will allow you to search for a new career with confidence. We want you to have the best chance of securing a new position in a timely manner and our personalised structured plan will help you to outperform the vast majority of jobseekers you are up against.

Learn how to...

  • Create an effective CV that will generate interest and lead to interview requests.
  • Discover routes to market.
  • Improve your visibility in the market.
  • Utilise job-boards.
  • Work with recruitment agencies and in-house recruitment teams
  • Use social media for job-hunting.
  • Prepare so you can perform well in various interview styles.
  • Use proven strategies and tactics to further your career.

Thanks to Route 1, I can now face the future with confidence. After my first interview was offered a job.

Graham R

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