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We are more than just a recruitment agency, we also offer an extensive range of training opportunities, either at our headquarters or at a client’s workplace.

Whether you are a candidate seeking to learn a new skill, update your knowledge, or a company seeking a training provider to upskill your team - we can help.

Route 1 is proud to offer a variety training courses, in compliance and work-based learning. They offer a collection of globally recognised qualifications ranging from food safety to security training. With more than 250 qualifications delivered across the country. Our training is from some of UK’s most prestigious awarding organisations.

Want to know more? For more details on any of our courses, or if you have other training needs, please get in touch with the Route 1 team. We would be delighted to explore how we can help with your training needs.

Courses Include:

Sample topics:

Driving Limits and Breaks

Record Keeping


Drivers’ Hours Regulations


GB and NI Rules

Sample topics:

Professional Driver Roles & Responsibilities

Representing the Company

Vehicle Awareness

Diet, Mood and Driving

Factors Influencing Driving Behaviour

The Effects of Alcohol on Driving Behaviour

Sample topics:

General Health & Safety

Assessing the Risks

Safe Working on the Road

Loading Bays and Ramps

Safety in Coupling and Uncoupling

Slow Moving Vehicles

Sample topics:

Company Policies and Procedures

O Licensing

Transport Managers

Inspections & Prohibitions


Driver Licensing

Sample topics:

Traffic Regulations

Vehicle Selection

Weights and Dimensions


Clandestine Entrants

International Transport

Sample topics:

Load Safety Regulations

Principles of Safe Loading

Load Distribution

Load Securing Systems

Load Awareness

Planning to Load and Unload

Sample topics:

Tachograph Regulations, Enforcement and Exemptions

Introduction to the Digital Vehicle Unit

Digital Tachographs – Data Recording and Operation

Digital Tachographs – Logging In/Out and Manual Entries

Analogue Tachographs Manual Entries

Introduction to the Analogue Vehicle Unit

Sample topics:

What’s the Risk?


Vehicle Collisions

Emergency Manoeuvring

Physical and Verbal Confrontation

Vehicle Inspections & Vehicle Awareness

Sample topics:

The Tractor Unit – An Overview

Gearbox Types

Braking Systems

Coupling Systems


Assistive Technologies

Sample topics:

Why Drive Economically?

Planning for Efficiency

Driving Style

Torque and Engine Power

Fuel Consumption and Efficiency


Sample topics:

Urban Driving

Route Planning



Driving in Challenging Weather Conditions

Vulnerable Road Users

Sample topics:

An Introduction to Mental Health

An Introduction to Depression

An Introduction to Anxiety

An Introduction to PTSD

Stress and the Workplace

Bullying in the Workplace

Sample topics:

An Introduction to Manual Handling

An Introduction to Spine and Human Movement

Manual Handling Capabilities

Risk Assessments

Pushing and Pulling

Manual Handling and Pallets

Sample topics:

Food Safety Regulationsg

Food Handling and Hygiene

Refrigeration - Chilled

Refrigeration - Frozen

Milk Tankers

Drayman Operations

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